My Thoughts on This Year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and What I Bought!)

It’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time! Yesterday, I woke up early to pare down my wish list (in the middle of a tropical storm) and then made my purchases at 9:30am EST on the dot! I wanted to share my thoughts on this year’s item selection and what I ended up buying!

The other day, I showed you my list of what I was shopping for in the sale. I think I stuck to it pretty closely! Here it is as a refresher:

  • Booties/Combat Boots
  • Casual Sneakers
  • Staple versatile coat
  • New pair of jeans
  • Workout gear
  • Choker necklace to stack with other necklaces
  • Long-line vest
  • Basic versatile fall tops
  • Loungewear

The only thing I didn’t really find were basic fall tops! There was a henley top I wanted but it sold out quickly in the color I liked.

Before I get into what I purchased, I wanted to talk about my initial thoughts on the items on sale and the sale as a whole this year.

  1. None of the sweaters are anything new/different from last year or anything that I already own. Most sweaters are in the same silhouettes and colors as they were last year. In fact, I did not purchase ONE sweater this year in the sale! I considered getting a Barefoot Dreams cardigan, but I have so many cardigans already that I passed on it. That being said, if you’ve been on the hunt for a new cozy cardigan to wear around the house this fall, I would 100% get the Barefoot Dreams cardigan (on sale for $65.90, after sale price is $114).
  2. The jacket & coat selection is SO good! I initially had 8 coats on my wish list and pared them down to the 1 leather jacket and 1 coat that I purchased. I was very impressed with the styles and prices this year – the ivory faux leather jacket I purchased was only $50!
  3. There are a lot of good deals on beauty products. If you’re looking to stock up on a product you already use or get a gift for someone, this is definitely the time! The St. Tropez tanning lotion I use is available for such a good price – $46 for a 13oz bottle vs the normal price of $42 for an 8oz bottle.
  4. The perfect time to stock up on workout gear! There are so many good bra tops and tops with bright colors! Free People is one of my favorite activewear brands and they have so many items on sale! I’ve basically been living in workout clothes & athleisure wear during quarantine because it’s cute without looking frumpy AND I workout pretty much every day.
  5. The famous Barefoot Dreams blanket is on sale for $88 (after sale price is $147) and trust me, it is WORTH IT! I went on a rant about this blanket when I got it during last year’s sale because I didn’t think it was soft enough. I was literally putting the box together to return it, decided that it felt softer than I remembered, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m actually writing this blog post wrapped in the blanket (yes, it travels with us too!).
  6. The shoe selection was great this year, but I’m not in the market for many new shoes. There are a lot of cute booties on sale, but I bought one pair in ivory and I’m covered from my booties from last year. There are also some brands I’ve never really seen on sale covered, like Veja which I was impressed with.
  7. There are some great deals on designer jeans, but I’m saving my money on those because I know myself, and I probably won’t be wearing them that often (especially with quarantine). I did buy two pairs of Levi’s on sale in styles that I haven’t tried before to see how I would like them!
  8. There are A LOT of clothing items in brown & tan. I know these are fall colors, but neither color is particularly flattering on me so I was able to pass on a lot of things just from that aspect. I bought ONE brown item of clothing this year.
  9. There are a lot of animal print clothing items (which feels kind of like last year). I like animal print, but I bought a lot of it last year and don’t feel the need to purchase many new items with that print or pattern. I like to explore new trends, so this might just be a nit-pick of mine 🙂

Now for the items I did purchase in this year’s sale! Hover over the item to see the sale price.


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